"Good things come to those who wait." Or at least that's what they say. Have you been waiting for a BIG thing to happen in your business, and perhaps personally? Maybe it's a new customer, a BIG payment, promotion, or a new contract, or even just the end of the month when your invoices go out and you can finally stop worrying about money. What are some ways that we can WAIT with hope instead of despair?  

We all have to wait for things in life, so why not make it productive? I'll show you how. I'm going to give you some tips on how to overcome waiting and get more done while you're at it!

Start with these six steps, and see what happens:

1. The first step to overcoming waiting is to identify what you're waiting for

2. Next, ask yourself if the wait is worth it and how long you have been waiting

3. If the wait is not worth it or has been going on too long, then you need to stop

4. Once you stop, do something productive so that your time isn't wasted 

5. Make a plan of action with clear goals and deadlines so that there's no room for confusion about what needs to be done next 

6. Take small steps towards achieving these goals by breaking them down into manageable chunks - this will make it easier for people who are easily overwhelmed by big tasks

 I’ve found that waiting is an inevitable part of life and, as such, it should be made productive. Waiting for a bus? Read a book! Sitting in traffic? Listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook! At the airport with time to kill before you board? Take this opportunity to catch up on work emails or brainstorm blog ideas. All these tips will help keep boredom at bay while also getting more done than if we just sat around doing nothing.