Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are getting married this October or November, then it's time to start planning your wedding! It can be difficult to choose a theme for Halloween weddings. Here are some ideas that may help you make up your mind. 

Themed after your favorite movie: What better way to celebrate than with an evening of horror movies on the big screen? A themed party will ensure everyone has a great time! If you're looking for more traditional options, think about adding in some pumpkin carving into the mix. Decorate with orange and black streamers and balloons. Add cobwebs all over the place (make sure they're not real).

Give guests costumes they can wear home so they don't have to change when they get there! Create personalized "treats" for each guest such as chocolate bars wrapped in cellophane with their name on them! Get creative by using things like toilet paper rolls, paper plates, construction paper, stickers, pipe cleaners etc., to make decorations (and favors!) And finally...have a great time at your Halloween wedding!

Don't forget about the food - serve up some delicious pumpkin pie instead of traditional cake!

While some people might think of Halloween as the scariest time for a wedding, it’s also one of the most creative. Whether you want to go with an eerie theme or something more lighthearted like “scarecrow chic,” there are plenty of ways that couples can celebrate this holiday in their nuptials. Have any thoughts on halloween weddings? Let me know below!