Homemade apple butter is a classic fall recipe, but it can be made year round. It's also very easy to make. This blog post will cover how to make homemade apple butter in 10 hours or less! 

It starts with the basics: you need 7 pounds apples peeled, nutmeg, 2 table spoon ground cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar. You'll also need a crockpot for this one. The basic ingredients are combined in the crockpot until they're all mixed up well and then cooked on low for 7-8 hours before being blended together again in the blender until smooth (you may have to add water if too thick). After that, it needs another hour in the crockpot before being transferred into jars. That's it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.