The Story of The Photographers

We areTennessee and Kentucky based photographers, before we started our career as photographers, we spent our time as a clothing boutique owners shooting for the store. Also, my family and friends said Angie got her passion and love for photography from her immigrant father. Her father is a film photographer. A few months opening the boutique we've received more and more inquiries about the photography; and that's how A and M Imagery was born.

Angie had lived in Oahu, Hawaii most of her life prior moving to Fort Campbell. She is Filipino American, and photography is her fourth language. She absolutely love what she does, and could go on for days about the amazing friendships she forged with many of her brides. But if she naming her absolute favorite thing it would be having the privilege of playing even the smallest role in the happiest day of two peoples's lives.

Milo is Angie's husband, business partner, and serve as an Army nurse as his full time job. He also second shoot for A & M imagery. Milo love to travel, fishing, hiking, and listen to good o'ld day Rockin Roll.

Photos by Craig Meilutis